Rowing Sounds Fun

The daily life of a rower.

When we do circuits in public areas


What I think I look like:

What I actually look like:


Flipping the boat in water where they find dead bodies


Breakfast after Saturday morning practice

When your coach asks about your injury

When people wear boatloads of makeup to 5am practice

When people ask how long I’ve been rowing

Looking over at the competition at the starting line


Anonymous asked: 1-7!

Okay, okay, I’ve taken long enough on these… I’ll try to break them up so it doesn’t become some giant spam list.

1. Rower or cox?

I’m a rower. I think I squeezed myself into the coffin of a bow loader 4+ once. Never again.

2. Sweep or sculling?

Sweep now that I’m in college, though I sculled at my junior team, in addition to sweep rowing.

3. Port or starboard/bow or stroke?

Starboard, since I first started rowing. I’ve only rowed port a precious few times. I’m either a great starboard or an atrocious port.

4. When did you learn how to row? What made you do it?


Jokes. I’m a senior in college and I’ve been rowing since I was a junior in high school. I needed a sport to qualify for “independent study” P.E. and someone offhandedly mentioned rowing. I’d already done most other sports, and they started earlier in the semester (by like, a week) and so I thought I’d procrastinate and row. I ended up staying on and losing 70 pounds in the first year. At the risk of sounding cheesy, rowing changed my life.

5. Favorite boat to race?

At the collegiate level (in the U.S., at least) it’s all about sweep, so I guess I’ve been indoctrinated, and I’ll say the 8+. A really good 8+ is just… Unf. But I miss sculling; I wish my team did it more, and I love going out in smaller boats.

6. Favorite seat in an eight?

Seven. But I’m really just a bow seat who got horribly lost.
7. What was your best/worst ever race like?
BEST: San Diego Crew Classic; it was the worst headwind I’ve ever rowed in, we were in a horrible lane, I could barely hold on to my oar, and we ended up coming from behind, beasting it in the sprint, beating our biggest rival, and making program history. 
WORST: I once had a coxswain scream at me that I was losing, mid-race. “YOU’RE LOSING. YOU’RE LOSING.” To be fair, she hadn’t coxed long, it was a mixed boat, but hands down, that race was just miserable.