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Anonymous asked: This season I got moved to bow seat in both boats I race in. I also lost a seat race for A boat and the kid that replaced me said that bow is for the weakest person in the boat, is that true?


No. Bow pair is usually for the lightest and most technical rowers. Bow pairs are scrappy little badasses. Don’t try to talk about how great your technique is in front of them, because they watch your every single stroke. And they see when you’re lunging, and when four seat is late, and if you start bitching at them they might explode. I repeat, do not piss off bow pair. Just because someone is smaller/lighter/more technical than the rowers in the engine room, does not imply any weakness. I will also say that it’s annoying to refer to any seat in a boat as a “weak” seat—different seats have different advantages and disadvantages. Don’t let that pigeonhole you. 

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